Première Beauté Brand Story

The Origin

Fragrance is the best gift from God to women.
It should be unburdened.
Also, should be a pleasant and luxurious experience!

Every drop of fragrance exudes every beautiful yearning,
At the golden age,
They should bloom its beauty and confidence with no boundaries and bravely
Première Beauté hopes every woman could have this luxurious experience!


What is Première Beauté

A French phrase meaning Pure Beauty. Beauty is not about recognition from others. It’s about one’s attitude towards aesthetics and pursuit of beauty. We started it with fragrance products, which were elaborately done in great detail, and perfectly presented of high-quality.

The most important step to high quality - we invited Anne Flipo, the world’s famous perfumer, who was born in France and created over 150 perfumes for international luxury brands. Furthermore, we are going to develop product lines of beauty make-up, and we are totally prepared for that with excellent team and technique.

PB is a symbol, a master key, a magic portal, and an invisible weapon. It leads to a brand-new world where is full of limitless beauty. PB wants everybody to know that, wherever you came from and wherever you are, you deserve to look up at the stars in the world of fashion, and you deserve to better quality and better experience.

Bold colors, precious materials, advanced technology and strict production, all these are what Première Beauté made up of, and have given us courage to invite you into our world of beauty.


Our Slogan

Stay classy hanya di PB (Stay classy only with PB)